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Michelle Randle's Xmas 2017 Show DVD's

Last night I finished editing the DVD..... I am now in the production stage of the DVD's and will hopefully have them produced by the end of this weekend. So if everything runs to plan I shall be in touch with Michelle to organise collection or delivery from Monday 18th Devember onwards. I was asked to produce these with little preparation time, stepping in to help Michelle. Next time I will offer Blu ray as an option, digital download/ email, 2 camera angles and organise line in sound to the cameras. I hope everyone enjoys the recording as much as I enjoyed filming it and being entertained.

2018 Calendar Ordering


13th November 2017. Calendar Ordering Process.

If you wish to GUARANTEE receiving your Calendar for Christmas, please ensure that you have sent your full order by 12th December or sooner if convenient. Any orders after that date will be processed and delivered as quickly as possible, though a delivery pre Christmas or New Year cannot be guaranteed.

I will need full payment please (see prices and details below) and details of the images required for insertion. Please send payment to:-

Martin Hawksby.  Sort Code 55 70 37 Account Number 93404611

There are no credit or debit card facilities for the Calendars and they are not available to purchase from within the shop in this website....

Please also confirm the images for inclusion as follows...

Gallery Name, Class/ Section and then the individual image reference number. Remember to select the best 13, of your choice.

Confirm the correct name of the performer and a return delivery address.

Please send the information ASAP to

Calendar Info & Prices.

Photo Images sized at 28cm x 21cm Premium Glossy 235g/m2

13 Images Included.

Priced at £34.99 making each image an incredibly low £2.69 each..... for effectively 11 x 8 high gloss images - WOW!!

This offer is only available this year as an introductory offer, as the calendars are to be priced differently in years to come. POSTAGE and/or handling is FREE AS WELL.

I have introduced a multiple purchase offer see below, so to repeat the order being identical to the  first calendar the price is as follows...this is with Christmas presents in mind for the family relatives and friends etc.....

2 for £59.99

3 for £79.99

with any additional calendars charged at £19.99 each...

Any help required, please email me as above. If you wish to include images you have purchased elsewhere with mine, please email me to clarify a few points and finally as some customers have already purchased multiple images from me where they have spent already in excess of £50 with me during 2017, the calendars will be priced at only £19.99. 

Finally - remember if you've kept the the calendar in good condition you have just paid £2.69 for 13 of you favourite images which could be framed or mounted etc!!!!!

Hope this all helps..

Best Regards

Martin Hawksby

25th July 2017. Final Video Update Corby.

ALL DVD's will be sent out by Wednesday 26th July tomorrow.

23rd July 2017. Further Video Update. Corby

The following ADDITIONAL DVD's are being despatched on Monday 24th July:-

Angel Bravery

Elsie Ward

Harry Stanton

The Matty Sisters

Beatrix Temple

Mollie Simpson

Lilli Trimble

Grace Lowry

Francesca Boon

Jasmine Lowson

The Burrows Sisters

Georgia Gunning

Ariana Nedelcu-Paveliuc

21 July 2017. Video Update. CORBY

The following DVD's are being despatched on Monday...

Daniel Soutar

Robyn Kingston

Lola Yarker

Gracie Moore

Freya Eames

Gracie Payne

Kiran & Karishma Young

Jessie Allen

Emily Rodenhurst

Lucia Acosta

Olivia Guerin

Arybella Eddy

Tara Ellie May

Isobel Whittaker

Molly Baxter

Holly Ife

Georgina Clarke

The Petit Sisters

The Howe Sisters

The Vargas Brock Sisters

Scarlett Bolwell

Isobel Grant

Frankie Kaiser

I shall be working as hard as I can to get the rest out by the end of the month. Martin

14 July 2017. Video Update. CORBY

The videos created over the last 3 weekends will go into production on Sunday. I will obviously start producing them in the order they were performed so I anticipate sending out the first weekend's performances during next week and so forth. I aim to get them to everyone asap but have estimated at least 150 hours of work on them in total which is why I hope to have them processed and despatched within the next 3 weeks. I hope to get them to everyone sooner if possible but cant make any guarantees or promises. I will post updates here as we get going. Thank You for your understanding and patience. BTW I have filmed with a microphone which in the majority of occasions has been very good and I know a lot of you have sent me as requested your music. If I feel in any performance during the editing process that the microphone quality is not where I want it to be and you haven't sent me the music as many still haven't, I shall request it, so please be ready to promptly send to avoid any delays please. Thank You

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