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The consequences of Performedia Closing Down  are that around Sunday 16th of June the website will no longer be able to be viewed and ALL images will be destroyed. I have as a result left ALL the images available for purchase within the gallery section. They are now priced between 50 to 65% lower to help.

Anyone making special requests after the 16th will be disappointed as I will no longer have the images available. I am closing down due to other commitments and will not be able to handle enquiries due to being too busy. Sorry in advance




Today I sent the final Blurays and DVD's in the post to you. They were posted starting yesterday morning 2nd Class Signed For. So I anticipate everyone receiving their DVD's between NOW and MONDAY at the very latest.

75% of all the mp4 films will have been emailed today with the remaining mp4s being emailed tomorrow and Saturday if necessary. 

Thank you everyone for being patient with the huge volumes we had had to get through. If there are any hiccups please get in touch with me ASAP.

The MP4s are sent out by WETRANSFER so make sure you look out for emails from WETRANSFER. Thankyou.

Corby DVD, Bluray & MP4 Updates 05/09/18

Everything is going to plan and running to time at the moment.  I am sending in the post today 90% of all the Blu-ray & DVD orders by 2nd Class Recorded Delivery. The remaining DVD's and Blurays will be despatched in the next 2 days. JOB DONE on that front.

It is our intention to email ALL the mp4 files out to you USING a service called WETRANSFER over the next few days.

Do not delete your wetransfer email it will be from PERFORMEDIA effectively. You must download your files within 7 days of receiving your wetransfer email.

Thank you everyone for being so patient. Hope you enjoy the videos for many years to come.

Corby DVD, Bluray & MP4 Updates & Progress 19/08/18

After breaking the back this week of hundreds of edits, it is now pretty clear that we are on course to despatch the ordered DVD's, Blurays and mp4's week commencing 3rd September when I return from a weeks break, during which I will be uncontactable. It therefore currently looks like I shall have finished them all within the 6 weeks I suggested they would take in your order form.

Thank you for your patience. Unfortunately as it interupts the workflow and causes delays I am unable to respond to individual requests etc.

Thank You for your patience and understanding.

Best Regards


Corby DVD, Bluray & MP4 Updates & Progress 13/08/18

On the order form we asked that you allow up to 6 weeks for your order. We are busy working on 100's of edits right now. In fact some orders have already been sent out. It is a massive task this year, having received more orders than expected and we are trying very hard indeed to make sure they are processed as quickly as possible. In the end due to the variety of media we are producing and at what times the dancers performed throughout the festival, there is no order to it I'm afraid. We are simply working through order by order, in a fairly random way as it now turns out.

Please be patient... every time, I/we respond to individual requests of when and where, etc it slows us down in the production, when we reply,. So please try to be patient, they will simply be with you as quickly as we can get them done and even when I reply directly,  I cant tell you precisely when - sorry. 

I expect around 25 performers to be sent out this week.

Thank You...


CORBY Photo Update Midnight Saturday

The photos are being processed and edited for best quality right now!

Day 1 and Day 2 are complete. Some photos from Day 3 in the morning are now live as is the complete junior CHAMPIONSHIP where there are some stunning leap shots etc. As the festival is now concluding at around 9.15pm at night there will be a pause in the editing and uploading of new pictures until Wednesday/ Thursday. I have never been able to master the process of being in 2 places at the same time, wish I could!!!

I will get them all up this week. Please bear with me. I like to to take my time to make sure you are all thrilled with these LIFETIME MEMORIES.

I have been a dance Dad for 20 years and don't do poor quality rushed photos. The photos I am taking right now with the stage lighting are looking awesome  and I don't want to rush these as you'll have them for a lifetime...

If you could please try not to message me directly in this very intense period I may not have the time to reply in fact I cant right now. Not really had a break or more than 10 hours sleep in 4 nights and very long days...

I know you can't wait to see them, please be patient as all the best things come to those who wait. Thank you for all the wonderful feedback and comments on the pictures... Don't forget the UNLOCK code in the Festival Programme and in the Take Away explanation leaflet from the stand and on this web page further down......

Oh BTW quite a few parents have remarked that they wish I'd do their Festivals in their areas well please just ask I might be able to! THANK YOU.


Video Ordering Deadline Extended For Corby.

The ABSOLUTE final deadline for Video Ordering is Monday 23rd July at MIDNIGHT.

I will not be able to respond to any personal requests directly made after this update becomes live. I have extended the deadline because of so many people missing it and I am currently over whelmed (affecting my ability to prepare and set up well) constantly answering emails and questions. I cannot continue to do this now. 

All the detail in how to order is in the ORDER FORM link under HOME visible above at the top of this website page. All the questions I am asked are in the order form explanation. If this is read carefully and slowly you shouldn't need to ask anything of me. I am grateful for all the interest and do not want to sound in anyway unhappy, but if you don't have a printer please find someone yourself who does, if you don't have email please use someone else's. Unfortunately I have had to go into a bunker for a few days to work on the Kilburn Show and then final preparations for Corby 2018 ... yey! see you there.. 

I will of course deal with scheduling ALL the orders I receive on Monday Morning. DO NOT POST THEM NOW. EMAIL ORDERS ONLY.

Thank You

Kilburn Summer Show - 20th & 21st July Castle Theatre

Great News.... I shall be photographing both the evening performances, over the 2 nights and making the photos available to view and purchase over the following 7 days. I look forward to seeing another fabulous Kilburn Show and creating memories to keep for you all...

Photo Ordering Information for Corby Festival 2018

Below is information on how to order your photos during and after the festival....

Video Ordering Form - Corby Festival 2018

CLICK HERE if you wish to find the ordering forms for the Corby Festival this year in 2018. BluRay, DVD and mp4 files only to complement your budget this year. Any problems with the ordering process - just email us at

Michelle Randle's No Limits Show 2018 DVD's

The DVD's are ready to deliver to Michelle for this fantastic show. I hope you all enjoy watching them as much as I did filming it. See you all in September again!

Michelle Randle's Xmas 2017 Show DVD's

Last night I finished editing the DVD..... I am now in the production stage of the DVD's and will hopefully have them produced by the end of this weekend. So if everything runs to plan I shall be in touch with Michelle to organise collection or delivery from Monday 18th Devember onwards. I was asked to produce these with little preparation time, stepping in to help Michelle. Next time I will offer Blu ray as an option, digital download/ email, 2 camera angles and organise line in sound to the cameras. I hope everyone enjoys the recording as much as I enjoyed filming it and being entertained.

2018 Calendar Ordering

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