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The Dance Videos we take for our customers, are filmed in High Definition, edited and processed and then made available as an mp4 download file from our website or on a DVD.

The aims as a Dance Video Business, are to provide high quality Dancing Videos and Dance DVD’s for the dancers to cherish forever.  For that memorable dance, we want to give the dancer or dancers and family members their "Lifetime Memory Keepsake"

Here is a list of the types of work we do below:-

Dance Festival Video - click here

Dance Audition Video

Dance School Organised Videoshoots

Dance School Event Video

Private Hire, Dance Video Shoots At Venue Of Dancer/s Choice

Our video process is as follows:-

Dance Filming & Editing is considerably more time consuming than photography, yet we make a commitment to have it available within 7-14 days of the recording session.

There are instances where multiple dance videos are required by an individual and we will batch produce, with a volume discount per performer as follows:-

3 Performances for the price of 2.

5 Performances for the price of 3.

10 Performances for the price of 5.

Duet Dance Video, Trio Dancing Filming and Quartet Dance Films are great value for the dancers as digital files, as they can be shared by the involved dance performers.

We do however charge more for a group dance, if universal sharing rights between all performers are required. However, on a per performer basis to have that Group Dance Video, as a life time keepsake is fantastic value!

Incidentally, please read my story to discover how important keep sake memories are to performers and family!

Martin Hawksby takes all the photographs & video and holds a Disclosure certificate confirming no criminal record. If required we can create private client access to the videos on the site.

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