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Performedia is a dance photography business, looking to partner Dance Schools on hopefully ALL their media image requirements, throughout the year.

We want to partner the schools, so they earn as we earn.

On all sale proceeds, we pass back 10% of our turnover to the school.

This means it will help the schools to purchase further equipment or support their nominated charity in some instances.

In almost all instances there are no charges for engaging us to do the Dance Photography, as we earn from the sale of the images, easily purchased here from one of our galleries on this website.

As a Dance Photography Business we would initially suggest a meeting, FaceTime or Skype type conversation, or detailed telephone call, with the schools owner, or manager to identify its needs and work well with it, in the future.

Throughout the year, as your dance photographer, we would set up Dance Photoshoots, for performers and their parents to attend, at the school to photograph full costume dance performances, in well promoted sessions, with dance videos as well upon request.

We would also wish to take our Dance Photographs at the schools’ events such as the Summer show, come and see parent evenings, end year performance/ review, awards & trophies events and assist dance students with audition photos, head shots & so much more, depending on the individual varied activities of each school.

Our aims are simply to create great memory keepsakes for the Dance School, dancers, parents & their family & friends. Capturing the moment and keeping it forever is what we do, please read my blog on this.

Our process at Performedia as a Dance Photographer is as follows:-

1/ Capture image on pro equipment

2/ Post edit & process every photo

3/ Hand select the best images & upload to a gallery on

4/ Allow purchase of immediate digital downloads or:-

5/ Allow selection of print on a variety of media & sizes.

6/ The shop allows easy purchase with credit, debit cards and PayPal.

All prints are sent from a professional lab using the best inks and media.

High quality photographs for the Dance School’s Social media engagement and Press relationships are something we would like to help dance schools with as well.

Our video process is as follows:-

Each Dancing Performance Video will then be post processed and is available as a digital file or DVD, depending on how the customer wishes to receive it. Dance Filming & Editing is considerably more time consuming than photography, yet we make a commitment to have it available within 7-14 days of the dance.

There are instances where multiple dance videos are required by an individual and we will batch produce, with a volume discount per performer as follows:-

3 Performances for the price of 2.

5 Performances for the price of 3.

10 Performances for the price of 5.

Duet Dance Video, Trio Dancing Filming and Quartet Dance Films are great value for the dancers as digital files, as they can be shared by the involved dance performers.

We do however charge more for a group dance, if universal sharing rights between all performers are required. However, on a per performer basis to have that Group Dance Video, as a life time keepsake is fantastic value!

If you are a dance school, lets form an alliance and work together to please everyone.

Incidentally, please read my story to discover how important keep sake memories are to performers and parents at your school!

Martin Hawksby takes all the photographs & video and holds a Disclosure certificate confirming no criminal record. If required we can create private client access to the photos on the site.

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