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The Dance Photos we take for our customers, are hand selected, edited and processed and then printed at a professional lab. They are also available as a digital download.

The aims as a Dance Photography Business are to provide high quality Dancing Photographs for the dancers to cherish forever.

We create galleries, either public or private, if required.

These galleries give the dancers and their family and friends the convenience of relaxing and taking their time, to order the right images online. You can choose the size of an image, almost of all proportions, finish, type of paper, or the media to print it on, from canvas through to acrylic! The choice is the buyers and then after making the selection, pay by debit, credit card or PayPal.

These dance pictures can be bought months and even years after the event as well. How convenient is that!

Our Dance Photographs are photographed live and not staged in the studio.

So if you need a Dance Photographer to help, there is a list of the types of work we do below:-

Dance Festival Photographs

Dance Audition Photographs

Dance School Organised Photoshoots

Dance School Event Photographs

Private Hire Dance Photoshoots At Venue Of Dancer/s Choice

Martin Hawksby takes all the photographs & video and holds a Disclosure certificate confirming no criminal record. If required we can create private client access to the photos on the site.

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