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PERFORMEDIA will provide Dance Photographs & Dance Videos at any Dance Festival or Dance Competition we are invited to work at. We work for free, as we earn from the Dance Pictures Sales & Dancer Videos we film.

As a Dance Photography Business we would initially suggest a meeting, FaceTime or Skype type conversation, or detailed telephone call, with a member of the Festival Hosts or Committee to discuss your precise needs.

Alternatively, we will make our proposal for you, to accept or amend! For instance, it is always our intention, to offer our “Dancer Video Services” and yet some festivals opt not to do individual dance video.

Once everything is agreed with the Dance Festival Hosts or Committee, we just need more information about the venue, if we haven’t worked there before. This will help us to agree the best vantage points for the Dance Festival Photos & Video. The vantage points are important and as a Dance Photographer it is the vital starting point for success! We really need to be in the right position, to “Capture The Moment”, please see my blog post on this!

Our success in capturing the moment leads to more parents purchasing the wonderful Dance Photos we take!

Happy Dancers, Happy Parents, Happy Performedia, Happy Festival .. Happy Days!

An idea of the type of lighting to be used, prior to the event starting, maybe helpful as well. We don’t expect you to always know this, however if you are using a theatre, we will ask them the technical questions, get the answers we need and set up correctly.

So why choose Performedia as your Dance Festival Media Provider?

As well as providing great Dancing Photos and Dance Videos we will pay back to the Committee or Festival hosts 10% of proceeds which in some instances can be very lucrative.

Having attended many Dance Festivals as a “Dance Dad” and witnessed other companies sell on the day, this was something that needed to be avoided 100%.

It is totally impossible to provide high quality images on the day.

We want to totally satisfy the buyer.

Our process at Performedia is as follows:-

1/ Capture image on pro equipment

2/ Post edit & process every photo

3/ Hand select the best images & upload to a gallery on

4/ Allow purchase of immediate digital downloads or:-

5/ Allow selection of print on a variety of media & sizes.

6/ The shop allows easy purchase with credit, debit cards and PayPal

All prints are sent from a professional lab using the best inks and media.

Performedia at the Festival Event will set up an interactive promotional point, prominently promoting how easy it is is obtain and select the Dance Photos or videos from the comfort of their own home.

They can select the images, decide what size and what media they want it printed on and pay easily online.

Posters, Acrylics, Canvas, its so easy for a dancer to create keep sakes for a lifetime!

Martin Hawksby takes all the photographs & video and holds a Disclosure certificate confirming no criminal record. If required we can create private client access to the photos on the site.

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