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© Performedia 2016. All Rights Reserved.

As a commercial photography and video business we can only operate providing you with High Quality Media if it is paid for. Copying and publishing to "share" is prohibited without the express permission from Performedia itself, which it will grant under certain circumstances.

We reserve the the right to pursue for lost revenue, in the event of sharing without permission, copying without purchasing and any misuse of the images hosted here on

The images on this site and any video content off site, are owned by Performedia and are subject to Copyright.

This website does not allow for the right click & save function and our protected images (subject to Copyright until purchased) are watermarked.

Printed images can be purchased online easily, in all different sizes on different media in our easy to use shop.

For the avoidance of any doubt, downloaded images can be shared with immediate 1st generation family.

If you wish to publish any photographs please ask us for our authority to do so.

We would ask that you respect that for our business to be available to you.We are at your service, so the work we do, must be paid for.

Thank You For This Respect, In Advance!

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