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Performedia captures the essence of performance in a variety of media, providing you with keepsake memories forever. Whether you are the performer, a parent or family member, or just a friend, in years to come, you'll treasure the memories we create for you. The performing images will remind you of that special moment in time.

Time, undeniably passes fast and this influenced the decision to create something special at Performedia...... Let's explain the need for Performedia and why you'll want us to help you!

My name is Martin Hawksby, the founder of Performedia. As I write this, I am now in my 50th year and as an ex child performer, being a talented solo singer on stage and on many ocassions taking lead roles in a variety of school and amateur dramatic performances, I have absolutely no visual record of my performances. I have no video, no photos, only maybe a tatty old programme, but nothing in reality and I really wish I did!

I have nothing to show my children and future grand children and no personal visual reference to a time I enjoyed so much... Hopefully you'll understand where I'm coming from, but it gets worse!!

As a proud parent of my 2 performing girls, there are so many dance events, competitions and awards etc, where I only have either poor quality photos, no photos at all and no video. Sadly the dances and performances are just a distant memory.

Years on, the performances are so hard to truly recollect. I am really disappointed that no one was able to offer me my own memory keepsake back then.

So, Performedia aims at solving this problem, with really high quality media. The idea is, we will provide for instance dance photographs and dance video on an easy to obtain basis, in a variety of sizes and formats. You simply choose and order at your convenience, now or in years to come from this website - easy!

The images post event, will be available usually within 72 hours, sometimes sooner. Video processing is more time consuming and will be available with you within 7 - 14 days of the event.

The photographic images will have been hand selected and individually post processed to provide you great quality performing photos.

We have taken the decision to stay well away from "same day, at the event photos" as we feel the quality cannot be delivered from portable printing equipment. We want you to be so delighted with what you receive that you'll come back to us, time and time again.

Our way, we believe is the only way, if it is to be done properly, to make sure you'll be thrilled! 

Our experience, is people prefer to browse in their own quiet surroundings, taking their time to select the best images, with other family members. You'll then make the RIGHT choice rather than choosing in a hurry in a crowd!

Our prints are produced on the high quality papers and materials from a professional lab. Equally we are quite happy for you to pay for the digital ownership and download images to your PC and portable devices etc.

So when you need a Dance Photographer, Theatre Photographer or Musical Photographer Performedia is the place to come.

Thank you for using Performedia I hope we made you happy!

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